Why join the ORMS PTA?

Answer: ORMS PTA is working to provide your child with cultural assemblies, technology for classrooms, helping each grade take a field trip this year and much more.

With your membership we can make a difference.

Throughout the year ORMS PTA meetings will usually be on the 2nd Monday of the month. Some months we will have special speakers and some months we will be taking field trips to different parts of the building to see what our children are learning. Please join us, children are welcome to hangout in the media with us.

Please take a moment and join the ORMS PTA to make a positive difference in your child’s future. To support ORMS PTA complete the form below, and process your membership dues through PayPal via the buttons below.

If you choose to pay with cash or check please download the membership form HERE.

ORMS PTA Membership – $10 for an individual membership, or $15 for a two parent membership

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Family Membership

(2 Parent/Guardian Membership)


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Want to pay with Cash or Check?

Download and follow the instructions on the membership form below.

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